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cat quandry
Animals in Residence
Doings in and about the hutch.

socrates thinking
Learnins R Fundaminkey
Things to think about, maybe to learn from.

zooming through
The Slacker's Travelogue Rants
Globe Trotting Doofus Tells All

ask ranty
The "Whatchew Wanna Know" Rants
Our Professional Experts Answer All
Your Questions About Anything

how did we get here?
The "You Are More Than Atoms" Rants
Life has more dimensions than the simple
physical world.  At least it had better...

eep  * The "Bush Means Luv" Rants
We don't want to get too cocky,
but we warned you folks about this guy.
* Visit bushorchimp.com for more excellent wildlife pictures.


  * The "We Are Microsoft; You Will Be Dissembled To" Rants
Absolutely Unbiased Information About
 Everybody's Favorite Monopoly.
* Visit slashdot.org for more information about Microsoft.

Politics, that is...


snarlicious The Administrivia Rants
Don't fit elsewhere.