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Sleep is the BALM
January 24th 2019 to...

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sleep is the BALM! that eases my sore and tired mind.
    in dreams, i am a high priest, a prince, an astronaut,
    a ditch digger => anything i want.
    a deep snooze in dreamtime can be the ultimate
        fashion consultant and spiritual therapist.
    the brain is billions of square miles of territory,
        where we mostly huddle in one little spot while awake,
        next to the nearest campfire we see.
    sleep opens up all that turf to our exploration;
        we can zoom around the multiverse
        that's stacked inside each of our heads
        and see what our internal alternate reality holds.
    there are no demons there but of our own making,
        and they're conquerable by any of the dream weaponry
        that we choose to pick up.
    slumber unlocks the ultimate dominion
        reigned by our own selves.

-- by Fred T. Hamster

[posted January 24th 2019]

Dysclaimer: Rantose Rant Box is a conglomerate melange of opinion, satire, comedy and grunting.  If it serves to pop any tightly clutched balloons filled with the hot air of accumulated prejudices and conformity gone mad, then its purpose has been realized.  Anyone taking these rants very seriously might just deserve the confusion and annoyance produced by their own outrageous gullibility, but probably not.  Reader beware.

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